Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice
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As the child of an Army Chaplain we moved often and I absorbed the change with wide-eyed wonder. I loved the newness of a place, its people and culture. This led to a wealth of lived knowledge, experiences, stories, and understanding, yet left me grasping for a sense of stability—a place where I could put down roots and call home. My Uncle and Aunt’s home in Ohio became my refuge. My Uncle Chris ran a successful real estate brokerage and I loved riding along to look at properties. I found it exhilarating to walk into a space and imagine how it would transform into a home.

After years of nomad living I finally found my own home in Middle Tennessee. I moved to Clarksville 18 years ago where I attended middle and high school, going on to graduate with my B.S. in Health and Human Performance from APSU. In 2015 I moved to Nashville where I bought a house the following year in East. Having spent the first half of my life perpetually searching, I finally experienced the joy that comes with finding a place to call my own. I’m excited and grateful to journey with you in finding a place you too can call home.