Dave Brown and Southwestern Coaching

This past weekend, we held our monthly sales meeting.  However, this month we had something a little different.  We were lucky enough to have Dave Brown from Southwestern Coaching come talk to us.  

Now normally I wouldn't blog about stuff like this.  Who really wants to hear about a monthly sales meeting am I right?  But this was not your normal meeting.  

Dave didn't come to our office on Saturday to just talk about real estate.  He also came to talk about life and how outside factors correlate with our job more than we think.  He talked to us about finding a way to get something done, instead of looking for an excuse.  Dave explained that it's always about HOW you get something done, not if you should or shouldn't.  He called it, being a "shouldhead," which I actaully thought was pretty clever.

Now I won't tell all of Daves secrets, but I'm writing this article as a little appreciation post for him and the company.  I was dreading this sales meeting.  I was closeminded, thinking that because I wasn't a real estate agent, that this wouldn't matter for me.  

I was wrong.

Sometimes everything you've been telling yourself you need to do, you just need to hear it from someone else to have it actually resonate with you.  Like I said, earleir, find a way, not an excuse.

Southwestern Coaching offers a lot of tools to become succesful in the workplace, no matter what your job may be.  But they also have tools to help you set goals in life and achieve them.  All you have you do, is put in the time and the effort.

So, a big thank you to Dave and Southwestern Coaching for coming to speak to us.  We hope you'll come back soon!

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