Ego, the Ultimate Turn Off for Buyers and Sellers

Ego.  Everybody has one in some for or another.  Sometimes its buried deep into the core.  Sometimes, it shines through someone and can be so blinding it's almost impossible to be around them.  

Ego is an unescapable trait in real estate that just comes with the territory.  It's almost as common as a bat flip in the major leagues, or a celebration after a touchdown on the gridiron.  The difference though, is that in real estate, ego is a turn off. You don't hear a crowd cheering you on when you flaunt that ego around the office.  It's a trait that can make buyers and sellers run in the opposite direction all the way to the next real estate business.  

I was watching a video that Kevin Ward put up on Youtube.  If you don't know who Kevin is, I would look him up!  Anyway, he recently did a video explaining the 10 things he hated about real estate.  Obviously, his opinion.  But, "ego" was number two and it stuck out to me.  

Ego seems like it may go unoticed but it's quite the opposite.  It's like the leftovers in your fridge.  Eventually, it starts to smell and you throw it out.

At House Realty, we strive to hire the agents that check their egos at the door.  We have agents that want to find a house for anyone who walks into our office.  They make a house someone's HOME.

As I said earlier, EVERYONE has an ego.  Keeping that ego in check is the hardest part.  Kevin Ward described it as "something so powerful it will drive customers and other agents away from you."  Recognitions, awards and money will all come if you're a good agent.  However, it shouldn't be why you got into this business.  

So, keep the ego in line.  Don't let it take control of you. 

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