Three New Home Decor Hacks For Your New House

Decorating your new home can be a long, expensive process.  It can be stressful too.  It feels like right when you get moved in and get everything organized, decorarting is the next thing on the list.  From the walls, to the rugs to the window sill, there's always a place in the house to draw the eye of your friends at your house party.  And as I said, it isn't cheap.

But, there are some clever ways to pinch some pennies in this process.  Here's a few examples of decorating your home for cheap and possib ly FREE!

Custom Pillow Cases

DIY Upcycled Sweater Pillow Case | Maiden Jane

Looking for some pillows for your new couch?  Just look in the closet!  If you have any old sweaters that you don't wear anymore, they would be perfect for sewing them into a pillow.  Start hunting in the closet and find the christmas sweater for the holiday season, or maybe the one you're mother in-law got you for your birthday that you don't like. There's options everywhere!

Old Guitar Shelf

Guitar Shelf! : 5 Steps - Instructables

Calling all musicians! If you have an old guitar you don't play anymore, or you broke one and don't want to pay and get it repaired, turn it into a shelf! I've seen a ton of these in peoples homes in the Nashville area and they turn out super cool.  To all the non-musicians out there, it doesn't stop with a guitar, the sky is the limit.  The idea is to take these crazy, off the wall items (no pun intended) and turn them into an eye-catching decoration for your friends and family.

Custom Soap Dispensers

Creative DIY Soap Dispensers

This is another great way to turn old liqour bottles, beer bottles, etc. into soap dispensers for the bathrooms and kitchen!  You can ditch the Target runs for soap bottles and start recycling the bottles from a watch party from the big game.  The custom soap dispensers have grown to be very popular the last couple years and seems to be a trend that won't fade away.

There's a ton of DIY hacks to do in your new house.  These little projects can take some of the stress off of moving into a new home and trying to get it perfect so quickly.  Decorating can get expensive, so these penny pinching hacks can give you a few days off of swiping that credit card!

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