Working from Home

I still can't believe I'm typing an article like this.  When people started working from home almost a year ago, no one thought it would go on this long.  Well, this past week, I've been working from home.  I got a few days left to go too!

I still feel like I've gotten work done though. I can go to lunch whenever, and it's not frowned upon to eat a whole box of Cheez-Its.  I've seen a lot of studies over the past few months showing a productivity increase in companies while their employees worked from home. It's becoming a big trend in 2020.

But the real estate business is nothing like these companies.  In real estate, you have to be in front of people, in person.  You have to show houses, you have to network and you have to build your own brand.  So, how're you supposed to sell houses if you have to be quarantined?

While it is hard to sell houses while being quarantined, there is always something you can do to help you sell houses in the future!  To all the agents reading this, forget about selling houses for a second, (sounds weird I know).  Think about some things you could work on from home that never really got the attention while you were up to your neck in listings at the office.  Is your website up to date?  Is your social media presence as big as it should be?  Can you still cold call these leads your getting? 

These are just a few questions that you can find out the answer to while quarantining.  And, if you answered no to those quesitons, that's what you can do!  Turning up that socail media presence will defintiely help you in the long run.  Engage with previous customers, as well as new ones! It may be hard to show or sell a house if you are quarantined, but you can definitely lay the foundation to sell down the line!

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